08 March 2013

Charlotte's Web - Dress the Part


Dressing up and playacting is a wonderful way of extending any story. With the tutorials below, inner barnyard animals come to life.

1 & 2. These clever paper plate masks were designed by My Little 3 & Me
3. Sweet pig ears, nose and tail tutorial at 733
4. Use those leftover egg cartons to create a pig snout with Kelly Naturally
5. Or use that leftover egg carton and dress up as Templeton, with the tutorial at Baby Jungle
6. Give out prize ribbons for best pig with tutorial and editable template at Mr. & Mrs. Winslett

07 March 2013

Charlotte's Web - Eat Some Treats


1. Feeling ambitious? Spoonful walks you through this great barn cake with barnyard cupcakes.
2. Gourmet Mom on the Go uses pink marshmallows for the nose and ears on these sweet cupcakes.
3. Grin and Bake It celebrates friendship with these cupcakes.
4. More spiderweb cupcakes at the always clever Bakerella
5. Sweetopia offers tricks for the webs on these gorgeous cookies.
6. Make some oreo spiders with Cute Everything
7. Simple and tasty spider web snacks with pretzel sticks at Mom Endeavors

06 March 2013

Charlotte's Web - Barnyard Crafts


1. Make your own red barn for Wilbur and his friends using a box and the great tutorial at the Red Barn Blog
2. Krokotak, a hungarian blog, has a great printable for making these sweet chicks.
3. Make some barnyard friends at Spoonful.
4. More egg creatures to join Wilbur in the barn at Martha Stewart
5. All Kids Network offers a printable peek-a-boo barn craft.

Charlotte's Web - Explore & Learn


Flickr Creative Commons
A great way to bring Charlotte's Web to life is to visit a farm, especially a small family run farm, or hobby farm. Any petting zoos in your area with pigs?

Flickr Creative Commons
Or what about some time in nature looking for spiders and their webs.

Flickr Creative Commons
And lets not forget our friend, Templeton. Go to your local pet store, and check out a live rat.

Flickr Creative Commons

05 March 2013

Charlotte's Web - Crafting Charlotte's Web


1. Mmmcrafts put together a great web with wording tutorial & a pompom spider
2. Make Charlotte's spider hatchlings at Spoonful
3. Make these fun yarn spider sacks at Modern Parents, Messy Kids
4. Create a spider web with sticks and yarn at Small For Big

5. Cut some Kirigami spider webs with Omyage Blogs
6. Make a web with sticks and wire at The Magic Onions
7. Get a little dirty making this web with yarn and glue at Modern Parents Messy Kids
8. Make these great spiders with only pipe cleaners and pony beads at Disney Family.

04 March 2013

Charlotte's Web - Crafting Some Pig


1. Sweet pigs made from eggs at Martha Stewart
2. Simple paper plate pig with egg carton ears at Crafty-Crafted
3. Fun paper bag puppet pig, including printable template at 86Lemons

01 March 2013

Charlotte's Web - Discussion ideas

Charlotte's Web is a great book to open up discussions about Friendship.

 Have you ever been in a situation where you didn't know anyone, and wanted to make new friends? How did it feel? Was it difficult?